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About ForeTeach

ForeTeach is a platform where you can learn, earn, sell, and build your business from scratch.

Here, you can find Investor, Founders, Creators, Freelancer & Agencies from all across the nation to help you accelerate your start-up journey. Register Now with your LinkedIn profile and become part of India's first start-up network you accelerate your start-up journey.

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Investor's Connect

Finding the right investor for your business was one hell of a task but not anymore. With our investor list, you can not only shortlist the investor that best suits your interest but also connect with them.

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Startup networking

Host & Participate in Event

Finding a start-up event where you can meet like minded individuals is just a click away. Host, participate and find all the Start-up event acrosss your city and the nation under one roof.

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Startup networking

Create or join new communities

Community lead growth is the future of markrting in the Start up industry. Create or join a community & get access to networking ,content and expertise of established professionals & founders.

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Startup networking
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For Founders & Entrepreneurs

Connect with different start-up stakeholders like Investors Founders, Students, Agencies & Creators.
Find Investors based on their Industry, Sector, Cheque Size & Portfolio Companies.
Host or Participate in local & national start-up events and find new leads for your business.
Start your creator journey & build your personal brand within your community.

For Investors & VC Funds

Filter start-ups based on their sector, size, valuation & founders profile.
Find start-up competitions & events and apply as a speaker or guest for increased visibility.
Get a Golden Tick to stand out from the crowd and get deals directly into your inbox.
Start your creator journey & build your personal brand and get increased visibility.

For Agencies & B2B Companies

Find thousands of leads for your business to boost your sales & to reduce your marketing spends.
Create your own communities & share product and other relevant updates with your followers.
Host & Participate in events across the nation to find more leads & to improve your network.
Get all the Founders & Key decision makers at one place.
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